Our Team


An Expert Team with Breadth, Depth, Scale, and Experience

Established in 1991 by Steven Muzzo, OZZ Electric (www.ozzelectric.com) is a full service electrical contractor with over 1,000 unionized electricians.

OZZ Electric specializes in large-scale projects, high profile design build work, retrofit applications and green energy solutions, providing full service in both the residential and the industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) space.  OZZ Electric sees work with clients as an opportunity to create long-term partnerships based on trust, integrity, dedication to excellence, and a focus on results.  For each project, OZZ Electric combines the right specialized skills and experience with creative thinking, the best products, and innovative technology.  OZZ Electric, one of Canada’s largest integrated electrical contractors, currently operates in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, St. Johns (Newfoundland), and in New York City.

OZZ Electric’s growth has been driven by a philosophy of service and technical excellence, combined with a commitment to building both long-term customer relationships and enduring industry partnerships. OZZ Electric continually seek opportunities to diversify capabilities and to expand capacity to meet the needs of clients.

OZZ Solar (www.ozzsolar.com) was founded in response to the Ontario, Canada Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program for renewable energy.  Since the inception of this program in 2009, OZZ Solar has successfully developed over 200 commercial solar projects and constructed more than 100 commercial projects totaling approximately 50MW of installed renewable solar (PV) capacity, making OZZ Solar one of the largest commercial solar developers in Canada.  In addition, the team has developed over 200 residential solar PV projects as part of Ontario’s Micro-FIT program.  OZZ Solar has since expanded operations and is currently active in the Northeast US as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Arising from the intersection of a range of activities and competencies across the family of OZZ companies, OZZ Clean Energy (www.ozzcleanenergy.com) was activated in 2011 to serve as a cross-disciplinary, multi-technology, strategic energy planning and project execution resource for select clients.  Technology agnosticism, objectivity, and close collaboration alongside trusted partners are the key drivers of this latest OZZ initiative.  OZZ Clean Energy develops and builds, (and owns, operates, and manages, when client desires) micro-grids that incorporate, integrate, and optimize photovoltaic generation, traditional turbine-based generation, advanced energy storage, and energy management control systems harmonizing new and existing energy systems.

OZZ continues to evolve a solutions portfolio to provide businesses an opportunity to better secure their energy future and to save on the cost of electricity through renewable energy, storage technologies, integration, and advanced system controls.